Tough enough for any jobsite

Drop and impact resistant

Redesigned cage and cell positioning provide extreme protection against drops and impact, to provide you tools that are as tough as any jobsite and able to finish the job with less interruption.

Increased Runtime by 80%

Longer Lasting

This is our longest lasting 22V battery ever. We've incorporated higher density cells and built smarter software that individually monitors and controls each cell for protection against overheating and to provide optimal performance and charging.

Power that matches and exceeds corded tools

Higher, reliable output

Placing a double tap on each cell allows our tools to handle larger loads and ensures that the power delivery in each trigger pull is always consistent, helping you do your job faster and right the first time.

Sealed to keep out the elements

Water and dust resistant

Our electronics are fully sealed against moisture, water and dust, to help keep your tools working with you in the harshest conditions, to outperform and outlast the competition.

Programmed to work flawlessly in extreme conditions

Sub-zero environments

Our cordless has conquered the cold. The Low Temperature Module (LTM) allows for dynamic voltage regulation at sub-zero temperatures to deliver the same level of power and runtime as they would in warmer temparatures.

Glass-fibre housing offers best-in-class impact resistance

More durable

Glass-fibre housing achieves 4x greater impact resistance than standard plastic housing.

Rubberized, soft-grip housing for better handling and fall protection

Better handling and Impact resistant

As cordless becomes a bigger part of jobssites, there will be more drops of tools and batteries. We've made sure our batteries are easy to hold onto and have additional protection against drops and impact.

Integrated cooling slots speed charging

Quick charging

A cooler battery charges faster and delivers power longer. We've built in the maximum number of cooling slots to protect against overheating and allow quicker charging with our intelligent charging solution.

Always know your charge

Easier to monitor

With 4 LED state-of-charge indicators, workers will never be surprised with an empty pack.

Full compatibility across the entire platform

100% Compatibility

We've built our new batteries to be compatible with all of our tools and chargers across the 22V platform, reducing your inventory and optimising your tool / battery fleet.

One charger for all voltages

Always the right charger with you

Our charger is fully compatible with all our Li-Ion batteries,
from 12 Volt up to 36 Volt.

Fastest charging

Batteries spend less time in the charger

Our charger is able to draw up to 350 Watts of power, while actively cooling down the batteries after working and during the quick-charging process. Thereby allowing for fastest charging time.

Charging capability down to -10 C

No interruption in cold environments

Patented charging technology enables us to charge batteries even in harsh jobsite conditions, down to -10 C.

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